Mugdock Country Park, Dumbrock Woods, Craigallian Estate, and Carbeth orienteering maps

Orienteering map of Mugdock Country Park, the Dumbrock area north of it, the Craigallian Estate and Carbeth area to the west, Milngavie Golf Course, and Hilton Park Golf Course to the south west. Uses 5m contours and 2.5m form lines. Based on Scottish LiDAR data for contours and vegetation analysed using OCAD12 DEM wizard. OS aerial photography for landscape details. Strava Global Heatmap for hidden trails. Multiple in-person recces in 2020/21/22/23.

Orienteering map of Mugdock Park and surrounding areas

Mugdock Magic Mystery Tour

Strava Global Heat Map of Mugdock Park and Dumbrock Woods rendered with AerialRod